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  • Diana York

A New Resolution of Spiritual Strength

Updated: Jan 4

New Year’s Day is known as a time to make resolutions. It is all about giving up bad habits and starting new routines. It can be exciting knowing you are promising yourself to do something positive and challenging.

Some popular resolutions include; saving money, spending more time with family and friends, quit smoking or learning something new, like a new hobby. By far the most popular resolutions to make going into the New Year is exercising more and losing weight. This is where the Original Force comes in because what most people think of when they think of exercising is physical fitness. Yes, physical fitness is very important. However, spiritual fitness is just as important, but often overlooked. You do not want to stop your physical fitness routine, but to turbo boast your well being try adding a spiritual fitness plan to it.

Since exercising is a top resolution to make, the Original Force is here to challenge our listeners to our “no sweat” spiritual exercises. We would love for you to be part of the 2020 Original Force team by listening to our podcast!

Make 2020 a year to become fit spiritually and start feeling healthier, happier, and more blessed like never before.

Tune in every Thursday for a new episode and new spiritual exercises. We talk about all kinds of subjects that strengthen your soul such as gratitude, kindness, joy, and so much more!

Start today and make a New Year’s Resolution of SPIRITUAL STRENGTH!

Blessings For A Happy New Year in this all new decade!

Your Original Force Spiritual Coaches.

Listen to our podcast HERE

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