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  • Diana York

Church at Home-Best Pastor to Watch at While at Home

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I know it is hard for all of us to get out with the Coronavirus and even going to church has stopped in many of our communities due to social distancing. As I mentioned on our podcast one of my favorite television pastors that I like to watch and listen to is Joseph Prince. He teaches us to live by Grace through Jesus Christ. Joseph Prince is a pastor from Singapore and has a very large following around the world. He explains the Bible passages in a way that I can understand. He teaches that Grace through Jesus is the way we need to live our lives.

Through Joseph Prince and his teaching, I have had many questions answered about passages in the Bible. I have a better understanding of the scriptures and I find myself living more at peace. He explains the scriptures in a way that is a testimony of encouragement and rejoicing because of Jesus.

Not only does Joseph Prince have his church sermons on television, but he has also written books on his teachings and has many audios available to play. I purchase his audios for long car rides or simply listen to them when I workout.

If you are looking for someone to talk about the Bible, our Father and Jesus in a way that is easy to follow and you have never heard of Joseph Prince look him up at www.josesphprince.org.

Get inspired today!

Hope this inspires you through quarantine! Remember to keep praying!

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