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Delicious Acai Bowl Recipe with Fresh Fruit and Granola

Updated: Feb 17

In our podcast this week we talked about the latest food craze and it is the Acai Bowls! We had to share this with our listeners because this recipe is more than good, it's life changing from Publix Blue Apron.

You are probably wondering what exactly are they? Acai bowls are the newest food craze on Instagram. At first I didn't think they would be good and I thought they didn't look very appealing. But one bite and I was changed for life! These things are the best and most delicious snack/meal ever! I've literally been eating one everyday for lunch or for a snack. Not only are the the ideal healthy snack, they are perfect for after workouts or even a quick meal. You gain so many health benefits by making yourself an Acai bowl.

Acai is actually a fruit itself from palm trees that originated from South America. It is a dark purple fruit and taste like chocolate covered berries, no joke! Acai bowls have a lot of anti-oxides, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and protein. You gain some mental benefits as well, such as better brain power. They are so sweet yet so healthy!

So how do you get Acai fruit and how do you create this sweet bowl of goodness filled with nutrients? We have been following and using this recipe from Publix Blue Apron. This is the classic acai bowl recipe and everything you would want in one. Publix Blue Apron is the best recipe we have come across so far. We use it almost everyday! You can customize your own toppings to how you like. We added some more toppings to ours such as chai seeds and other fruits. But do not leave out the granola or almond butter... those two are key ingredients for a lovely taste. Check out the recipe below from Publix Blue Apron.

Publix Blue Apron: Acai-Citrus Smoothie Bowls


1 large fresh orange 8 oz fresh strawberry-pineapple fruit salad, thinly sliced 1 (16-oz) package frozen smoothie blend 2 1/2 cups açaí juice (or puree) 1/2 cup honey-and-oat granola 4 tablespoons almond (or peanut) butter 4 teaspoons honey (or agave nectar)

*we added chai seeds and blueberries


Peel orange and cut into segments (about 1 cup). Slice strawberries and pineapple.Place smoothie blend and açaí juice in blender (or food processor bowl); blend until smooth. Divide smoothie mixture among 4 bowls. Arrange even rows of granola, strawberries, pineapple, and orange segments over smoothie bowls; top each with even amount almond butter and drizzle with honey. Serve.

Happy healthy eating! Let us know how you like it! Blu

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