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Forgive and Live-Episode 8 Show Notes

In this episode "Forgive and Live," the girls get serious and talk about the power of forgiveness. Get ready to hear how forgiveness is one of the key components to living stress free everyday. Listen as the girls walk you through how to deal with forgiveness, why it is important as Christians to forgive, and how forgiveness can impact your life. Diana talks about how forgiving yourself can be more difficult than forgiving others. Nicki discusses how carrying unforgivable weights with you can change the course of your life in a negative way. Blu talks about the powerful impact Brandt Jean’s had on her. Tune in and find out why asking God for strength in forgiveness will help bring you to forgiving others and even yourself. Let’s go!


-Diana talks about launching her jewelry line, Chance & Chase

-We all have forgiven others even though we didn't want to

-There are different levels of forgiveness

-Having a forgiving heart is not a sign of weakness

-Life is too short not to forgive

-Forgiving yourself may be harder than forgiving someone else

-How Diana overcame not forgiving herself at a difficult time in her life

-"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."-Ephesians 4:14-32

-Jesus sacrificed his life to forgive our sins that is why it is important we forgive also

-Brandt Jean to Amber Guyger: "I forgive you."

-Your forgiveness can't be shallow

-Focus on living in God's footsteps

-Forgiveness is not a request from God, it’s a requirement 

-Your hurt will fade as you forgive

-Forgiveness sets you free

-“Forgiveness finds its roots in love.”

This Week’s Spiritual Exercise: Start the journey of forgiveness in this week’s challenge. If there is one person that you need to forgive, start now. You can tell that person face to face or simply through prayer and telling God that you forgive that person.

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