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Give the Gift of Support-Donna Deegan 5K Race

Updated: Jan 4

I did not train to win in the way you may think for this 5K race. I did not sign up to win the race. I signed up to win the cause. This 5K race I ran was by Donna Deegan, a Jacksonville, Florida resident and 3 time breast cancer survivor. She founded the DONNA Foundation to raise money to help assist breast cancer patients who are struggling financially.

Donna also has a huge national annual race called DONNA 26.2 the National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. This marathon has become and voted a favorite national charity race by many, including CNN Travels and Women’s Running Magazine. This huge national race includes supporters and runners from all 50 states and 20 countries in which the Donna Foundation pairs with Mayo Clinic to provide funding for research for Mayo Clinics Breast Cancer Translational Genomics Program.

The race I did was The Players DONNA 5K held at beautiful TPC Sawgrass. It is a race for experienced and inexperienced runners and walkers like me. It was a hard race, not so much physically but emotionally for me. The race was a big deal for me and something I could not train for. I ran this race for the cause and awareness for others and I ran this race for me. It was the first time I had an enough courage to participate in a race for breast cancer after I had won my personal race with it. I was afraid I would break down and start crying before I even started the 5K race. It brought back many fearful memories. I did not cry until the race was over. Every tear was a tear of thankfulness. I felt such gratitude for going through such a terrible disease and coming out a winner! My daughters wanted to give me a gift of support by running the race.

I have been a breast cancer survivor for 11 years and I thank God everyday! I thank God that I learned there is a difference between knowing God and finding God. You see, cancer made me smarter, stronger, and gave me such a wonderful relationship with God.

Giving is an important emotion and is fruit for your soul. Giving makes your spirit stronger and you can listen to more about giving on The Original Force Motivational Podcast. I do the show with 2 of my daughters, Nickie and Blu, and each episode it is all about giving your spirit a workout through simple weekly exercises and challenges. God showed me how to start living happier, healthier and blessed! I am passing that all on to you as your personal Spiritual Life Coach through the Original Force.

You have the Original Force inside you that God gave you like no other!

In case you have not had a chance to listen to our podcast on giving the “No Sweat” spiritual exercise is to do a kind deed for 6 days for someone and on 7 day do something for yourself. My daughters gave me the gift of support and I gave myself the gift of strength.

Blessings from your Spiritual Life Coaches,


Diana York

Listen to episode 4, "Living is Giving" HERE

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