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Gratitude 3 Part Series-Episode Recap

Updated: Jan 4

Gratitude is an amazing spiritual workout that will leave your spirit stronger. When you have true gratitude for everything, even when things are not going so well, things will turn around. When you show gratitude to God he is pleased and will guide you right out of the valley to the mountain top!

To help you strengthen your soul with gratitude The Original Force Spiritual Life Coaches put together some amazing, fun, and easy ‘No Sweat” exercises in their 3 part series on Gratitude. Here is a recap of their very own spiritual exercises designed just for you. Like going to the gym and keeping your physical body strong your Original Force Spiritual Coaches believe that you have to keep your spirit just as strong and they are here to show you how!

In case you have not had a chance to listen to their motivational podcast here is a recap of your spiritual exercises.

Episode 1: Workout Gratitude is a simple exercise for your soul. Write down something everyday that makes you thankful or happy. Write down in your journal, phone, or where ever you can see your notes. That is it. Seeing what your thankful for makes you thankful for something else.

Your thankful list can be fun, serious or both.

I am thankful for a good hair day.

I am thankful for a good medical report.

I am thankful for my new dishwasher

I am thankful I have a good job.

I am thankful for my children.

I am thankful for a good pair of shoes.

I am thankful to be happy.

I am thankful for the weather today!

If you see what makes you thankful you will become thankful for more!

Episode 2: Gratitude with Attitude the spiritual exercise is to say out loud….”Thank you Father for LOVING ME most because you say so.”

This is pleasing to our Father’s ears because it is true. He loves everyone the most and He is glad you say so! By saying it out loud as often as you like you are thanking Him and the power of your tongue reaches your soul. Say is for a week and you will say it forever. How cool and easy is that?

Episode 3: Gratitude Wins: The Original Force exercise is to do one small deed for someone or something.

-You can open a door for someone.

-Read a book to your child.

-Buy a coffee for someone.

-Put an extra can of food in your local pantry drop bin.

-When you are driving let someone in your lane at busy hour.

-Put a note in your child’s backpack that has some encouraging words.

-If you are eating out and your waiter is working hard give him or her a little extra tip money. They will appreciate it!

Doing a small deed for someone grows your spirit and makes it stronger.

The Original Force is all about stretching your faith! Having a stronger spirit allows you to live healthier, leaves you happier and more blessed! So start your Original Force exercises today!

You truly have an Original Force from God who created you like no other!

Blessing from your

Original Force Team

Listen to our podcast HERE

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