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  • Diana York

How to Stay Spiritually Fit

Updated: Jan 4

You truly have an Original Force from God who created you like no other!

I am Diana York and along with my two daughters we are Spiritual Life Coaches at Original Force. We launched Original Force, a weekly podcast, so you can learn how to stretch your faith and strengthen your soul.

Through my “No Sweat” spiritual exercise program you will become spiritually fit, happier, healthier, and blessed. Original Force is all about the ability to get in shape spiritually! Research shows being spiritually fit is just as important as being physical fit, if not more so!

A person who is spiritually fit HAS the power to live life to the fullest everyday. A person who is spiritually fit CAN find the strength to face daily struggles because they understand Jesus absolutely has their back. A person who is spiritually fit IS happier, healthier and blessed. Let US become your faith-excise spiritual coaches and let’s journey through strengthening our faith together.

At Original Force you will find weekly spiritual exercises at the end of each episode that will give your soul a workout. Spiritually fit exercises do not require you to sweat yourself fit, but to strengthen your faith fit. There is no equipment needed. You become spiritually fit through the power of stretching your faith and as your spiritual life coaches we will show you how. You will start to handle daily problems with ease and feel the break free lifestyle. You will start living the life you deserve and that God intended for you. We will journey through our faith together and learn how Jesus loves us through simple acts of faith in Him.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on a journey of a life time. Learn how to become spiritually fit! You can start living your life totally empowered, happier, healthier, and blessed because Jesus believes you are special and deserve it ALL!

Listen to our podcast on Apple, Stitcher, and Spotify NOW!

Your Spiritual Life Coach,


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