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Keep Your Spirit in Shape - Your Spiritual Exercise Guide, Exercise 1

Updated: Jan 4

Are you ready to get your spirit in shape? Here on The Original Force Podcast that is just the thing we do. If you are a listener to the show then you know each week we challenge our listeners to a spiritual workout. But these just aren’t any spiritual workouts. So get ready and read because today we’re going to review our first exercise from episode one, “Workout Gratitude.”

The first exercise or first step into our Spiritual Workout plan will get you motivated to give your spirit a workout. If you have been following along with our podcast you will be familiar that gratitude is the topic in our first 3 episodes. In this 3 part series your spiritual life coaches describe a life living with gratitude. A few highlights from episode one are what the meaning of gratitude really is, how gratitude is apart of your life, and how being grateful can turn your life into a whole new world. Your spiritual life coaches even shared their own life struggles.

We want to encourage our listeners and readers to keep going with our Original Force spiritual exercises. They really help you set your mind on not only strengthening your spirit, but focusing on yourself, giving you a happier day. That is why it’s so important to keep track of your spiritual exercises, save them, and journal them. You can do these exercises again and again, until you have a truly fit spirit.

We are going to post our spiritual workouts here on our blog so you can reflect on each if you missed a few episodes or you want us to keep track of the exercises for you. We will start on exercise 1 here:

The Spiritual Workout Guide

Workout 1: Define the word gratitude and each day write one thing you are grateful for or what makes you happy for the day.

That’s it and all there is to it!

Your hosts and spiritual life coaches Diana, Nickie, and Blu are also on this journey with you. Not only are they here to help guide you, but also strengthening their spirits even more. See what they're grateful for and how they designed their grateful list.

Diana, a busy busy busy mom of 7 uses her daily calendar to write one thing for the past 7 days of that she is grateful for.

Nickie, very organized and crafty uses post it notes on a mini cork board that sits on her desk with stickers.

Blu, the artsy one uses lipstick on her mirror to write what she was grateful for each day.

We hope you embark on this spiritual journey with us and join our challenges each week. Remember these spiritual exercises are meant to be fun, easy, and simple. So make sure you don’t sweat! Your spiritual life coaches are here to help guide and encourage you. So make sure to share with us details, questions, progress, and or how to start strengthening your spirit and we will for sure be here to coach you.

It’s Thursday and that means a new episode is live! Part 3 of our 3 part series on gratitude is now available to listen! Click here

Happy listening!

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