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  • Diana York

Our Take on the Super Bowl LIV HalfTime Show

This past week on our Q&A episode we asked our listeners to tell us what they thought of the Super Bowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

We also got asked by our listeners what we thought of the J Lo/Shakira halftime show. I know some people thought their performance was empowering with poles, ropes, and a lot of shaking going on.

Personally, I thought watching their performance was not empowering, but showed little respect for other fellow women. My first thought was to get all my teenage boys out of the room! My second thought was I have young children watching this too!!! I was disappointed in a performance that I thought was degrading to women and full of mixed messages.

I was glad when it was over and I was left saying, “OMG!” My youngest little girl had been jumping on her small trampoline with a safety handle to hold on to during the whole football game. After watching the halftime show I looked over at her and she was swinging up side down on the handle of her trampoline! I laughed in spite of myself. My boys still keep doing the Shiraka’s tongue noise thing! We have laughed about that performance, but it certainly was not empowering in our house.

We must remember that God created men and women in His image. Men and women have different responsibilities and roles within the family and society. We must embrace the fact and not argue that God made men and women equal but different.

I encourage everyone to pick up their Bible this week and read about some really strong, brave, and cool women that God thought we should know about. Ruth and Naomi in the book of Ruth is an excellent read if you don’t know where to start. This is a great spiritual exercise that you will find very empowering for your soul!

Many Blessing,

Diana XO

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