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Prioritize Like a President-How to get your Priorities Straight

Time is my biggest priority. Do you catch yourself saying:

“I don’t have time for that.”

“Where did the time go?”

“There are not enough hours in a day.”

It is not about having time. It is about making time and that is why we prioritize. However, what we want to do and what we actually do is where the frustration comes in. Prioritizing is a difficult task for a number of reasons. We need time to prioritize our time!

Prioritizing my soul first is how I prioritize everything else. It is important for me to sit with God, maybe walk 30 minutes with God or go for a run and talk to Him first about my day. I believe if you have spiritual strength then the chaos of the day is greatly reduced. I then determine what matters. If everything is a priority then nothing can be a priority.

I have learned the hard way not to over-commit because when you do you will forget about your priorities. You cannot do everything for everyone. When you try to please everyone and do everything that is when your priorities are in jeopardy. Just remember saying “no” to something allows you to say “yes” to something else.

I believe you need to be selfish with your time. If you want to achieve your goals and accomplish your priorities it is really important that you take a proactive approach at analyzing your time -- before it's gone. Be selective about everything you have to do.

So how do you prioritize? There are dozens of prioritization tools available on the market, so keeping track of your day-to-day goals is easier than ever. If your a tech type thinker there are a lot of apps on task management that you can pick from to help with prioritizing. If your a pen and paper type thinker there so many ways you can write out your priorities, but the key is finding find what works best for you.

I am more of a pen a paper type thinker when it comes to my priorities. I like to write them down. I love using a Franklin Planner. I learned all about the benefits of Franklin Planners when I worked at General Motors. Their planners are an expensive investment, but they work as long as you are going to be discipline to use them and you may use it for the rest of your life. If you do not want to commit and spend that much money on a planner, you can pick up a less expensive planner at any office supply store. I personally think Target or Amazon have great planners to pick from.

If you are a pen and paper type person, but writing down your priorities in a planner does not work, then how about trying the Eisenhower Box? This is my favorite prioritizing tool. President Dwight Eisenhower was our 34th president of the United States and served two terms. He knew all about prioritizing his time. President Eisenhower actually came up with his own way to prioritize his busy schedule and we call it the Eisenhower Box. He did not waste anytime with prioritizing and he often said, "What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.”

He prioritized with a simple square and divided the square into four smaller squares.

-The second square is where you label “Important but not Urgent.” These are tasks you can do later.

-The third square is where you label “Urgent but not Important.” These are tasks that someone else can do for you.

-The fourth square is where you label “Neither Urgent or Important.” These are tasks you just get rid of and do not worry about.

I find the Eisenhower Box amazingly easy to use. The simple boxes tell me what is important and has to get done. It also gives me a clue on what I may get done and what I probably will not get done. Of course, the last box is the box where I have no hope of getting done, at least not for the time being. I like to draw out my Eisenhower Box but you can get templets online. I write in pencil so I can erase and modify my box and reuse it throughout the week.

Priorities are important and part of life. Everyone has their own set of personal priorities and it is up to each of us to find what works to get the most out of life!

-Start simple

-Remember you have to find your own style to prioritize your days.

-You also have to learn to say “no” or your priorities could be in jeopardy.

-Your way of prioritizing has to become habitual to be effective.

This week stretch your FAITH and set your priorities to win!

You truly have an Original Force from God who created you like no other!

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