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Show Notes EP. 7-Getting Your Priorities Straight

Today’s episode is all about priorities. A priority is defined as “the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important”. Do you know what your priorities are? If not you should take some time to think and perhaps sit with God to determine them. First prioritize yourself then you can focus the things in your life or job that need to get done. Figuring out how to structure your life and where to best use your time can be the difference between accomplishing your goals or living in chaos and anxiety. Time can go by quickly and if you’re not productive you can find yourself wondering why you never get anything done on your “to do” list or why you never have anytime for yourself. Once you figure out how to prioritize, you’ll find that you have plenty of time left each day to dig into the things that light you up and plenty of time and energy to spend hanging out with loved ones. The Original Force is here to help you get that lost time back!

In this episode, the girls give some tips on how to structure the order in which you go about your day. That being said, it’s important to figure out what works for you when prioritizing. If you’re tech savvy then it might make sense to use an app or website to organize your priorities, if you’re old school you can just write them down.

Remember, if you’re feeling lost or you don’t really know what’s important to you, it might be a good idea to sit down with your thoughts and talk to God. He will lead you down the path that’s most productive, so you have time to serve others and add value to the world.


· Priority – A thing that is regarded as more important than another

· “You have to prioritize yourself before you can prioritize anything else”

· God wants a personal relationship with you

· How to determine what matter7s

· Overcommitting, being a “yes” person

· “If you want to achieve your goals and bring value to the work you’re doing and people you serve, its crucial that you take a pro-active approach to prioritizing your time”

· Making lists on paper vs. an app or the computer

· Using a Franklin Planner

· The Eisenhower Box

· Jesus is everyone’s number one priority

· “Don’t let the busyness of your life become a wedge between you and Jesus”

This Weeks Spiritual Exercise: Begin determining then setting your priorities. If you don’t know what your priorities are, pray. Once you figure them out, write them down in a way that makes sense for you, based on how you like to organize your thoughts and retain information.

Listen to episode 7 "Getting Your Priorities Straight" HERE

Enjoy your spiritual exercise this week! If our #FORCEFAM needs any guidance, ideas, or question write in HERE

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