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  • Diana York

Staying Happy and Healthy Through the Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 25

We are all getting bombarded with fear, anxiety, and a sense of being overwhelmed with the Coronavirus-19. People are asking basic questions of what, why, when, and how? Many questions have unknown answers in this time of uncertainty. I am simply a mother of seven, with my blog and podcast. I have no platform to talk, give advice, nor do I have any answers.

However, I do have my own knowledge, wisdom and most importantly my faith. I personally am taking the opportunity to fine tune and evaluate my life. I have been stopping more to appreciate myself, my children, and taking more time to become creative in the kitchen. I have been doing things around the house that I have put off for years because I was always too busy doing something else. I am resetting my priorities and I really like my reset buttons.

If anyone has listened to my podcast, I consider myself a knowledgable Christian. I am not a scholarly Christian, I leave that to my oldest daughter, Nickie. My pre-virus world was busy reacting to the daily grinds of life, even while I was thanking God. We have all adjusted our lifestyles to this worldwide pandemic. Our world's have suddenly changed and slowed down. We need to take the time to re-prioritize our lives and see all the things that truly are important. Most of us will find it to be really simple: God, family, togetherness, health, happiness, and thankfulness.

I am thankful I can grow my faith during this time. God talks to me and he talks to you too. If you have not heard His voice, take the time right now while you can to listen to Him. I believe this is a time for all of us to grow in our faith. Maybe this is God’s purpose for all of us right now. Our busy lives have gotten the best of us. The Bible is full of Scriptures to get us through this unprecedented time. If you have a hard time reading the Bible or understanding the scriptures, take time to research what you are reading because it is necessary to grow your faith. God will not push himself in your life. He waits for you patiently to seek Him and He will welcome you with warmth and love.

That is what my podcast is all about, growing your faith through strengthening your spirit. It works because I am a classic example of someone who stumbled through life. I was a person who once only knew of God, but did not know God in my heart. I promise strengthening your faith will get you through this terrible virus and with stronger faith you will start living a happier, healthier, blessed life, even after the Coronavirus-19 has passed.

Only God will get us through this because God is God and it is written in the Bible to seek and you will find all the answers you need to feel less stressed in a changing world of uncertainty.

Warmest Blessings,


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