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  • Diana York

The Importance of helping others-The Kind Effect

Updated: Jan 4

Giving Gives Blessings!

Saturday mornings are a time when I do my weekly errands. Walmart is always on my list of places to go. With 7 kids, Walmart always makes it easy! Last Saturday, I parked my car and walked up to the entrance, making sure I had my list at hand of all the things I needed to buy for the week. As I was walking up to the store I just happened to stop focusing on myself and looking at my watch, to look up. I saw a young woman sitting on a little ledge near the brick building on the ground. I immediately noticed how pleasant and very nice and neat she was as she looked up at me and smiled. She kindly asked if I had anything to spare? I automatically said, “No” because the truth was I hardly ever had cash in my wallet. I could tell it was hard for her to ask me for any money. I walked away feeling bad. Just then I remembered I had oddly gotten twenty dollars cash from my debt card the last time I was at the grocery store. I was going to buy lottery tickets. At the last minute I did not buy my tickets because the line was too long to purchase them. It was getting late and I needed to get home to start dinner. I tucked the cash in my purse and had forgotten about it, until that day. I quickly grabbed the twenty dollar bill out of the flap of my purse and went back and bent down and gave it to her.

I went about shopping, feeling good to have helped someone that I knew in my heart needed someone to be kind to her. I never expected to see her again, but when I walked out of the store with my cart of groceries she was still sitting in the same spot. She had gotten some lunch and was eating a hamburger and French fries, enjoying every bite!

God works absolutely perfectly. He knew that twenty dollar bills was not going to buy lottery tickets. That young woman was going to be in my path that morning. I usually have no cash, but God made sure I had enough cash to give her to make her afternoon brighter.

Sometimes just having your soul speak to your heart gives you the direction God already predetermined. Kindness releases such blessings and these blessings in turn make your soul smile!

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35

Happy Giving,


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