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  • Diana York

Why being Spiritually Healthy is so important

Spiritual exercises maybe a new term for you. Spiritual fitness are exercises that are hardly ever mentioned to help maintain optimal health or happiness. Why is that? I believe there are few reasons that we ignore our spiritual self and pay more attention to our physical self.

Everyone has heard the phrase "seeing is believing," and if other people can see and judge then that is where our effort goes. Fit body, great hair, cool clothes, and awesome makeup are all great things that other people see and judge.

Your spiritual self however is... you guessed it, ‘believing without seeing’ side of yourself. It becomes not as important to demonstrate because people can’t see or judge it. No one can see your spirit right? Well, yes and no. People can’t see what you are thinking, but the spirit is magical because this is where a lot of people miss the boat. A spirit that is fit and strong actually makes you look younger, makes you feel happier to enjoy life, and more blessed to experience what God has in store for you.

Original Force is exactly what you need to teach you to strengthen your spirit. Through original spiritual exercises created by the Original Force team you too can start being all God wants you to be.

Exercises are simple and you won’t believe how much better you will start to feel once you start doing our spiritual challenges with us.

Join us weekly on our podcast and start using your force that God gave you like no other!

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