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Behind the Mics


nicki &Blu


Get ready to embrace that God given FORCE within you


Join Diana, Nickie, and Blu at The Original Force Podcast with a new episode every Thursday! They are a mother daughter trio and your spiritual life coaches. The trio will encourage and challenge you every week to a “NO SWEAT FITNESS PLAN” that will give your spirit a workout for your mind, body, and soul. The Original Force Podcast will guide you to letting the negative vibes go and living everyday free and positive! They will teach you how to unlock that super force within you.

What does a spiritual workout mean? Well, it’s simple because on The Original Force Podcast the coaches will help you work your spirit through super easy no sweat workouts. These workouts enable you to build up your inner God given forces to live happy, healthy, and blessed. It’s important to be physically strong and healthy, but at The Original Force we believe being strong spiritually is just as important. Spiritual exercises are designed to “Stretch Your Faith” allowing you to have the ability to take the stress out of daily life struggles that can steal your joy. 

The Original Force spiritual fitness plans are designed by Diana. Learning to become spiritually strong has carried Diana through some pretty difficult times in her life. She now dedicates her time to helping others by sharing her experiences and teaching people about her spiritual fitness plan. Diana inspires others so they too can find their inner force to happiness, health, and living a wonderfully blessed life.

Diana believes a person who is spiritually fit has the power to take on daily struggles with no problem, be a light in darkness, brush off the negativity, and have the force to help others do the same.

Diana says, ”You truly have an Original Force from God who created you like no other.”

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